Atlas Steel Trading LLC.
Atlas Steel Trading Baltimore, Maryland

Atlas Steel Trading LLC.

Atlas is a group of well-experienced steel traders in locations around the world dedicated to serving your flat rolled steel and tin mill steel purchases.  We’re in close contact with mills in North America, China, Brazil, India and Taiwan and can offer highly competitive pricing.  Simply stated, we’re the guys who can bring globalization to your front door.   

Our goal is to make available to you knowledgeable steel professionals able to answer your questions, follow your order, and make suggestions about applications while providing prices that will keep your products competitive.   We do this  in  Galvanized, Pre-painted Galvanized, Galvannealed, Galvalum, Hot Rolled Coil (HRC), Cold Rolled Coil (CRC), Electrolytic Tin Plate (ETP), Tin Free Steel (TFS), and Black Plate (BP).   The range of offers from our many sources runs from full mill prime through seconds and waste/waste grades.

We’re eager to show you what we’re able to do for you.  Contact me and let’s talk today so we can get to work tomorrow.

Matthew J. Clark – President